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Our society’s medical model and culture unfortunately focus on the relief of pain and other outward symptoms instead of treating the underlying dysfunction that is causing those symptoms. This focus only allows conditions like degenerative joint disease and arthritis to continue to wear the body down. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

The Dr. Gil Center for chiropractic care in Franklin, TN is part of an emerging health care model that looks at underlying causes of various symptoms. Technological advances over time have allowed us to better understand the design and functions of the human body. Pain or other adverse symptoms are the clue that something is off with your body. It is then the health professional’s goal to figure out what that underlying problem is and to come up with proper treatment for it that will stabilize the body’s systems.

At the Dr. Gil Center, our Franklin chiropractors will help you discover the underlying problems in your body for the following health conditions or symptoms:


Spinal Disc Concerns

Disc problems are a common cause of pain we encounter in our office. You might be considering surgery to treat your discs, but that will involve a lot of money, time and risk. And it’s generally not necessary. Instead, come to our office where we offer spinal decompression therapy that is not invasive and can treat the underlying problem, providing long term relief.

Your spinal discs, made of cartilage and a gelatinous substance in the center, are located in between your spinal vertebrae. Your discs are very important because they absorb some of the shock of walking and everyday activities, plus they help the spine move. They also keep the vertebrae separated. But due to aging or trauma of some sort, the alignment of vertebrae and the discs can be thrown off, resulting in disc irritation, nerve pressure and subsequent pain.

Spinal decompression therapy takes pressure off your nerves to relieve the pain cues they are sending your brain. This therapy can help relieve your discomfort and pain if you have a slipped, herniated, bulged, deteriorated or ruptured spinal disc. If you’re not sure, come to our office and we can evaluate the condition of your spine.


Back and/or Neck Pain

If your vertebrae are moving properly and misaligned, you can experience pain in your back or your neck from nerve pressure and joint irritation. If you only treat the pain but don’t treat the problem, you are likely to experience spasms in your muscles and even more pain that can begin to radiated down your arms or legs.

To treat this problem, we can perform chiropractic adjustments to improve alignment and take the pressure off your nerves and your joints. Unlike pain pills, massages or other types of pain relief that might provide temporary relief, adjusting the spine actually fixes the problem that is causing the pain and can provide ongoing relief. Come see us if you’re experiencing pain in your neck or back.


Dysfunction of the Joints

If your joints feel stiff and you can’t move easily at the joints, you’re probably experiencing joint dysfunction. This is another condition that chiropractic care can help. This problem is generally caused by improper posture, over- or under-use of the joints, an imbalance in your muscles, injury or other causes. You’ll probably experience joint and muscle pain in addition to problems throughout the body from overcompensating for that area.

Come see us if you’re experiencing joint pain and we’ll determine if joint dysfunction is the cause. If so, we can perform custom adjustments to ease your joint and muscle pain, and restore proper mobility to your joints.



There are varying causes of headaches, but did you know that 80 percent of headaches start because of neck problems? Chiropractic adjustments help correct misaligned vertebrae which can irritate nerves and muscles resulting in the headaches. Even migraine headaches respond well to our specialized chiropractic adjustments.


Sciatica and Pinched Nerves

A misaligned spine, bulging discs and other issues can also cause sciatica, which involves sciatic nerve pressure and pain. You might also experience numbness and lower back/leg weakness. You can also experience “pinched nerves” throughout the body, where your nerve is compressed from herniated discs, a misaligned spine or other problems. You don’t have to suffer with this type of pain. In these cases, we can use chiropractic adjustments or spinal decompression therapy to treat the cause of the problem.



It might surprise you that chiropractic care can also help arthritis. This condition involves joint cartilage that wears down, causing pain and reduced movement in those joints. It commonly occurs in the wrists, knees, hips and other major joints. Arthritis can cause problems throughout your body because when one area is affected, other areas of the body overcompensate and they overextend themselves. Whereas many treatment methods will only focus on the specific arthritic area, chiropractic care works in a holistic way to see how one area is affecting the rest of the body. We provide treatments accordingly.

While medications can offer some relieve from arthritis pain, chiropractic care can offer a more ongoing solution. Proper alignment of your body can take pressure off the nervous system and increase movement in your joints, relieving pain and helping your body work in a more balanced way. At the Dr. Gil Center, we want to boost your well being as a whole, so come see us today about your arthritis pain.


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

If you feel pain, burning, weakness or numbness in your wrist or arms, you might have carpal tunnel syndrome. This is the result of repetitive motion like typing with improper posture day after day. Nonetheless, this is another condition that a chiropractor can help since it’s related to the nerves. This is another condition that requires a holistic approach. Your nerves are all connected, and like streams that flow to the river, they inevitably reach the spine, which is the base of the nervous system. By adjusting the spine and joints, a chiropractor can reach the pain that’s occurring in your wrists, hands and other areas.



While there is currently no cure for fibromyalgia, chiropractic care seems to provide some relief for the pain caused by the condition. More research is needed on this condition, as we do not yet know what causes it or precisely how to treat it. Generally, you experience ongoing pain throughout the entire body with this condition. You will likely experience either mild or severe pain in the joints, and you might feel burning sensations and shooting pain, radiating pain and achy or sharp pain. You might also suffer from additional concerns related to this condition like headaches, depression and trouble falling asleep.

If you’re looking for relief from fibromyalgia, chiropractic care might be your answer. We can perform a full examination to try to determine whether your fibromyalgia is caused by mental, physical or emotional causes, or a combination. We can then use a combination of massage and adjustments to ease the pain, improve your circulation, boost your energy and boost your immune system, to help you fight off fibromyalgia and its symptoms. Let’s schedule a consultation to combat your fibromyalgia pain.



If you’ve been in a car accident, you might have experienced whiplash, which happens when your neck aggressively moves back and forth from the force of the collision. From the movement, you can experience soft tissue damage where your muscles and ligaments strain or tear from overextending. After experiencing whiplash, you’ll probably feel stiff and sore. You might also have further damage from the whiplash, such as a herniated disc, nerve damage or out-of-place vertebrae.

A chiropractor is the perfect professional to visit after a car accident. We can perform adjustments to get your body back in place. By doing this, we take pressure off the spinal discs and the nerves. We can also combine alignments with massage to treat soft tissue concerns. We can prevent you from relying on pain medication and often from needing surgery. Call us immediately following your car accident to start your treatment right away.



While you might not expect it, chiropractic care can actually ease your allergies. Most medical treatment for allergies only provides short-term relief; for instance, you take an anti-histamine to calm your body’s reaction, but then your body flares up again in no time. So how can chiropractic affect allergies? A spine that’s out of alignment can affect your nervous system, which is connected to your immune system. Your immune system is responsible for allergies because it tries to protect you from an allergen by creating histamines, causing symptoms like congestion, hives, sneezing, rashes and coughing. If you are severely allergic, you can even experience a seizure or anaphylactic shock, which can be deadly. Allergies are a prime example of how the body works in a holistic way.

Chiropractic care can help treat your allergies in a holistic way to help you experience allergies less often or in a less severe way. A chiropractor will align your spine, which takes stress off the nerves. Nervous system stress negatively impacts your immune system so that it doesn’t work at its best; when that nerve stress is counteracted through chiropractic care, your immune system works better. So chiropractic care helps your body be in its best shape to handle allergens. When your immune system is at its best, it tends not to overreact to allergens. Contact us today to deal with your allergies on an underlying level.


Maintenance Care

Now you know how chiropractic care can treat some of the underlying causes and problems present in many common health conditions to relieve the outward symptoms. Nonetheless, chiropractic care can also help prevent many of these conditions before they start, or prevent them from worsening. Visiting a chiropractor regularly can help keep you in optimal health and prevent physical concerns and injuries. Regular chiropractic visits with our Franklin chiropractor can improve your posture, boost your energy levels and your immune system, improve your circulation and your flexibility and generally improve your well-being. Isn’t it worth giving it a try?
At the Dr. Gil Center, we will provide top-notch chiropractic care that can improve your health condition or prevent one from occurring. We are devoted to improving our patients’ health and putting your body in optimum health. For more information or to make an appointment, call our Franklin chiropractic center today at 615-794-0800.

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