Wellness Tips

Dr. Gil Center for Back, Neck, and Chronic Pain Relief


Chiropractic care strives to be part of a whole; we believe it’s important for you to focus on every aspect of your body and mind to ensure that you’re in optimum health. That’s why we’ve put together this list of simple changes you can make throughout the day to improve your overall wellness, along with regular visits to your chiropractor.



If you sit for long periods of time like most people do in today’s world, some small changes can make a large difference.

  • Put your computer screen at eye level
  • Invest in a supportive, ergonomic chair – your back should rest comfortably against the chair and your legs should be at a 90 degree angle when your feet are touching the floor
  • Get up, move around and stretch every 20 minutes – this is beneficial to your body, as well as to your eyes and mind
  • Avoid crossing your legs



Your posture is incredibly important as it can affect your whole body and even put you out of alignment if you are not in correct form. Improper posture can cause stiffness and pain. Focus on making sure your body is in alignment when you are standing. Try this in front of a mirror because you might feel like your body is straight since you are accustomed to the position, but looking in the mirror shows you that your your body is actually off balance. Keep your shoulders back and down, your chin up and your neck in line with your spine. Try not to slouch or have rounded shoulders.


Phone Ergonomics

Many people cradle the phone on their shoulder when talking, which causes improper posture that can lead to injury. Even holding it up with your hand for long periods of time can put your body off balance and cause problems with your muscles and vertebrae. Instead, use the speaker function on the phone or invest in a headset if you’re on the phone for extended periods of time.


Exercise and Physical Activity

Before you engage in exercise or other physical activities, even something as simple as playing with your children, it’s important to stretch and warm up first. This can prevent you from injuring yourself.



Many people injure themselves by lifting items improperly. Instead of bending at the hips to lift an object, you should squat down and put your legs into the lifting process. Also, hold the object close to your body as you lift, instead of holding your arms out. Twisting or other movements while lifting can also cause injury, lift straight up. If something is too heavy for you, make sure you get assistance from a person or a machine.



Many people sleep in awkward positions that put the body off balance, or they do not have proper support from their mattresses or pillows. If your body is not in alignment as you sleep, it’s possible to develop a strain in your back or neck, which can put your body out of balance. Invest in a supportive mattress and pillows. Try to make sure your body is straight when you go to sleep. This goes for napping and resting, such as lying on the couch watching TV, as well.