History of Chiropractic Care

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A Short History of Chiropractic Care

How did chiropractic care begin? The Dr. Gil Center is here to explain!

You probably think it was a recent discovery, but this healthcare practice actually goes back to Hippocrates’ time! Hippocrates himself followed the idea that a misaligned spine would significantly affect a person’s overall health.

Nonetheless, you would be right that the modern form of chiropractic care doesn’t date back so far. This method goes back to the year 1895. Dr. Daniel Palmer began it by adjusting the spine of one of his patients. This adjustment was not for back pain, but instead because the man had lost his ability to hear and hadn’t been able to hear for 17 years. The man explained that he had heard a popping sound in his back when he lost his hearing. Miraculously, the doctor adjusted the man’s spine and his hearing improved!

At the time, the medical field criticized chiropractic adjustments, and criticism was ongoing for a long time. Nonetheless, some people followed this method and practiced it, finding that it had the potential to heal many problems. And chiropractors still discuss Dr. Palmer’s theories today. A school still has a name to honor Dr. Daniel Palmer, and the chiropractic field has grown to have more than 20 schools with thousands of students studying chiropractic within the nation. Chiropractic care is much more respected today and many doctors, physical therapists and other healthcare professionals even recommend it to complement their care.