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Have you experienced a sports injury that you are trying to recover from? Or maybe your body doesn’t feel quite right after playing sports long term? Maybe you’re simply looking to improve the condition of your body so you can play at your best. In any of these cases, you could benefit from visiting a sports chiropractor. This type of chiropractic specializes in sports and how to improve your body to perform as well as you can or to recover from a sports injury.

The Dr. Gil Center is your local sports chiropractic clinic in Franklin, TN. We will work to help you feel better and to get you back to your sport in prime form. Call us at (615) 794-0800 to schedule an appointment for an initial evaluation.


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What Can Sports Chiropractic Care Do for You?

Sports chiropractic is a specialty in chiropractic care that can help you maintain your body for sports and treat injuries you receive. Our Franklin, TN sports chiropractor, Dr. Gil, can provide you with a number of different treatment methods to help you with your sports performance.

These include spinal adjustments, spinal decompression therapy, massage therapy, electrical muscle stimulation and other options. If you have a sports injury, we can use MedX rehabilitation to help you recover.


Who Can Benefit from Sports Chiropractic?

Sports chiropractic can help you if you perform sports or physical activity at any level. You can benefit from it if you are active on your own or if you participate on a sports team, whether it is a school or amateur team, up to a professional level.


What You Can Expect from the Dr. Gil Center

When you come to the Dr. Gil Center, we will tailor our treatment plans to your needs. We understand that each person who comes to see us has a unique body with specific needs and problems. At the beginning, our sports chiropractor will determine your medical condition and physical state, including specific problems you might be experiencing related to sports. We will also go over what you hope to achieve from your chiropractic sessions.

With a personalized plan, you won’t spend money and time on treatments you don’t need. Also, your focused treatment plan will work more effectively and quickly to get you where you want to go, whether you are looking to feel better, improve your sports performance or heal from an injury to get back in the game.

In addition to the treatments we will perform when you come to our chiropractor office, we generally recommend some practices you can do from home. These can help you heal faster, boost your sports performance and put your body in optimum health. For example, we can teach you how to gain muscle strength to support your spine, so you can prevent injuries. We also encourage lifestyle changes that will help you in your everyday life and with your sports performance.


Make an Appointment Today!

If you are looking to get your body back into prime shape after an injury or you simply want your body in optimum health so you can perform at your best, our sports chiropractor at the Dr. Gil Center can help.

Call us today at (615) 794-0800 to set up an appointment for your initial evaluation, where we will discuss an individualized plan for you. We look forward to helping you improve your performance on the court, in the field or wherever else you practice