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The sciatic nerve travels from your lower back down each of your legs, passing the hips and buttocks in the process. When you have sciatica, you can experience a number of different symptoms, which generally occur on one side of the body and are felt in the back of the leg, the hip and the buttocks. These symptoms vary from person to person and can include:

  • shooting pain
  • swelling
  • numbness
  • tingling
  • mild aching pain
  • burning
  • other sensations

If you’re looking for sciatica treatment in the Franklin, Tennessee area, visit the Dr. Gil Center for specialized chiropractic treatment. We know the techniques and have the technology to treat the underlying causes of sciatica instead of just the symptoms. If you’re ready to kick your sciatica to the curb, call now at (615) 794-0900 to set up an appointment with Dr. Gil, Franklin’s sciatica doctor.


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What Causes Sciatica?

Usually a herniated disc or a spinal bone spur causes sciatica by pinching the nerve, although it can also be caused by bulging discs and a spine that’s not in alignment. These problems can occur from getting in a car accident or other trauma to the back, from aging, from being overweight, from sitting too much or other causes. Some activities, like sitting too long, and sneezing or coughing, can make sciatica worse. Since the spine is involved with sciatica, this is a condition chiropractors can easily treat with their specialized knowledge.


Why See a Chiropractor for Sciatica Pain?

If you go to another type of doctor for sciatica pain, he or she might suggest a number of medications like narcotics, anti-inflammatories or muscle relaxants. Your doctor might also suggest steroid injections, physical therapy and even surgery if the nerve is affected badly enough. However, these treatments generally target the symptoms and often do not provide ongoing relief which can result in side effects because the problem (the sciatic nerve) is never addressed.

On the other hand, a chiropractor knows specialty techniques to treat the underlying causes instead of just the symptoms, and to provide lasting relief. And unlike other doctors, we practice natural, non invasive techniques that actually work to help you get rid of your sciatica for good.


Franklin Sciatica Treatment

So, what all is in involved? At our clinic, we create a custom plan for you that might include chiropractic adjustments and/or spinal decompression therapy. A chiropractic adjustment uses a quick movement to align the spinal vertebrae and spinal decompression uses traction force, which is one of the main ways to ease the pressure of a pinched nerve. Spinal decompression therapy is one of our specialties at the Dr. Gil Center.

When you come to the Dr. Gil Center, we will first perform an evaluation that can include a physical exam and X-rays. Based on the information these tools give us, we then formulate a custom treatment plan that is just for you based on your unique issues and personal health. Since we focus on holistic health, we also will look at your whole body to determine if the sciatica is affecting other areas of your body or if you have other unrelated problems or pain.


Set Up An Appointment

If you’re in pain from sciatica, you don’t need to suffer anymore. And you don’t need to feel like medications, steroid injections and surgery are your only options. These types of solutions treat the symptoms and not the underlying causes. They can even cause side effects and additional health concerns, not to mention the cost and pain of going into surgery.

So skip those treatments and try an option that brings real results and that can treat the underlying cause of your sciatic pain and provide lasting relief. Call us today at (615) 794-0800 to make an appointment and to start feeling better.