Back Facts

Dr. Gil Center for Back, Neck, and Chronic Pain Relief


Back pain has become a serious issue in the United States. 9 out of every 10 adult citizens in the US deal with it, it’s the main cause of disability for individuals under forty-five, it’s almost a $50 billion dollar business, it’s the second most common reason for surgery, the main injury reported in worker compensation issues, and it’s not getting any better.

  • Close to 7 million people at any one time are laid up in bed, disabled, back of back pain
  • Approximately 93 million days of work are missed due to back pain
  • Only 1/5 of operations of back operated continue to be effective after 2 years
  • Around $50 billion dollars are spent a year due to lower back pain
  • Currently, everyone is at high risk for back pain in their lifetime (85% of americans will deal with it at some point)
  • Back pain disables over 5 million people in the US a year
  • There are close to half a million spinal surgeries a year in the states


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