Dr. Gil’s Chiropractic Corner

Let Chiropractic Take Your Blues Away

let chiropractic take your blues away

    Instead of reaching for an antidepressant, maybe you should make an appointment with your Franklin, TN chiropractor. Did you know chiropractic can influence your body enough to lift the heavy clouds of sadness off your shoulders? While the science of it isn’t as simple as “here, stop taking this pill because chiropractic does…

Why Chiropractic Is the #1 Choice of Athletes

Why Chiropractic Is the #1 Choice of Athletes

    Did you know there are specialties within the chiropractic profession? That’s right—while chiropractors like your Franklin, TN chiropractor are all trained with the same emphasis on spinal manipulation and holistic treatment, some go the extra mile to learn how to make chiropractic work for specific ailments. Take sports injuries, for example. Did you…

Why Essential Oils Are Essential

why essential oils are essential

    Have your friends in Franklin, TN been raving about essential oils lately? Are you wondering what the big deal is? Since chiropractors in Franklin, TN and abroad are part of the holistic movement, it’s only fitting that we explore a bit about essential oils, since they offer valid holistic alternatives to over-the-counter medications….

5 Ways to Get Healthy for Summer

5 way to get healthy for summer

    With Memorial Day just behind us and summer solstice coming up on June 21, summer is pretty much raring to go. Are you ready for the heat, the swimming, the parties in Franklin, TN? We’ve come up with five health-centered tips to get you on the right track for a fun, safe, and…

How Back Cracking Relieves a Headache

how back cracking relieves a headache

    Are you looking for a way to kick frequent headaches without stripping the lining of your stomach or damaging your liver? Over-the-counter medications taken too often can do this—so why not seek out a chemical-free alternative? There is more than one way to skin a cat in Franklin, TN, and there is more…

Taxes Got You Tense? Relax with These Tips

Taxes Got You Tense? Relax with These Tips

    We all know tax season can be stressful, especially if you waited until the week of April 15. Did you know that stress can make your neck stiff and tighten your shoulders? Since muscle tension usually leads to headaches and other maladies, we here in Franklin, TN want to help you release the…

Do I Have a Bulging Disc?

do i have a bulging disk?

    If you’ve recently injured your back, you might be concerned that a bulging disc is the culprit for all that pain. We’re here to show you some symptoms that could indeed point to a bulging disc. But what to do about it? Often those who suffer from a recent back injury will “tough…

We Want You to Live Pain-Free

we want you to live pain-free

    In spite of the thousands who live with chronic pain each day and feel hopeless, there is a solution. Chiropractic doesn’t just treat temporary back pain. Did you know? Whether or not you seek out a chiropractor in Franklin, TN, we want to make sure you do so wherever you live if a…

How to Keep St. Patty’s Day Green

how to keep st. patty's day green

    We’re not using the term “green” in its current understanding of “environmentally friendly”. Instead, by green, we mean healthy! Healthy holidays make a Franklin, TN chiropractor happy. And we all want that, right? How do you make a holiday healthy? St. Patrick’s day is the perfect time to think about healthier food—it’s all…

Cat Got Your Back?

cat got your back?

    Maybe you do have a cat, and maybe you do believe that cat is guarding your door at night. But that’s not the cat we mean. Cat pose is a strategic yoga pose that relieves built up pressure in the spine. If you’re a Franklin, TN yogi, you already know how to do…