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You’ve probably heard of acupuncture, but you might not know how it relates to you or how it can benefit you. At the Dr. Gil Center, we offer acupuncture to Franklin residents as one of our natural methods for treating health conditions and enhancing your overall health and wellness.

If you’d like to learn more about acupuncture and what it can do for you, or if you’re ready to give it a try, call us at (615) 794-0800 or fill out the side box to set up an appointment.

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What Can Acupuncture Do For You?

Tablet with the text Acupuncture on the displayWe have included acupuncture at our practice because it can help prevent illness, treat specific health conditions and promote general health and wellness. These goals are all in line with the chiropractic services that we offer.

You might consider acupuncture if you have pain, if you have a specific health problem like asthma or osteoarthritis, if you experience tension or stress, or if you suffer from emotional problems. If you’re not sure if acupuncture is right for you, the professionals at the Dr. Gil Center can help you decide.

We offer acupuncture on its own or in conjunction with spinal adjustments, spinal decompression and our other services. When you come in for a consultation, we will come up with a customized plan based on your goals and needs.

Why You Should Give It a Try

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Acupuncture affects energy in the body. Blockages can occur in the meridians, which are channels of flowing energy through the body. Acupuncture helps to clear these blockages so the energy can flow, which will in turn help the internal organs and the body’s ability to function as it should.

The modern Western belief on acupuncture is that acupuncture encourages the body to release chemicals by stimulating the nervous system. These chemicals can ease pain or help regulate the body in different ways.

Regardless of the reason, acupuncture has results. Acupuncture is used around the world and its popularity has spread. The World Health Organization has acknowledged that acupuncture can benefit numerous health problems like respiratory disorders, reproductive problems and muscular disorders. Plus, one of the benefits of acupuncture is that you can use it alongside other treatment methods, including chiropractic adjustments.


What Can I Expect From an Acupuncture Session?

Many people are nervous about trying acupuncture because of the thought of needles piercing their skin. While the method does use needles, these are not the same type of needles as those for giving shots or drawing blood. The acupuncturist uses small, thin needles that are not hollow like a hypodermic needle.

If you talk to people who have tried acupuncture, you will generally hear that they felt no pain at all or only a negligible amount of pain when the needles were being inserted, which quickly went away once the needles were in place. Our professional practitioners use sterilized or disposable needles, so you don’t have to worry about infection.

Acupuncture generally involves more than one session. If you have an acute problem, a few sessions can often help, while you might need ongoing treatment to help a chronic concern.


Learn More or Give It a Try

At the Dr. Gil Center, we want to see your body in optimal health. So whether it’s acupuncture, chiropractic or a combination, we will use all the techniques we can to help your body function correctly and heal itself. During our initial consultation, we will come up with a specialized treatment plan for you and your needs.

Call us today at (615) 794-0800 if you’d like to learn more about our acupuncture services or give it a try.